Domestic high risk merchant account

Although we offer our merchants a choice for their high risk merchant account, what a lot of U.S. merchants value is our solutions for keeping their processing onshore. You do have the choice of processing offshore but what most processors aren’t able to offer for U.S. merchants is onshore processing. Just because your business is categorized as a high risk merchant account by Visa & MasterCard doesn't mean you can’t process with banks domestically.

For 21 years we have been helping merchants find reliable and low cost merchant accounts. Since specializing in high risk merchant accounts around ten years ago we are proud to be one of the oldest and most established high risk processors in the world. Placing the hardest to place high risk merchant accounts.

Finding a reliable bank for your high risk merchant account is as important as selling and providing quality products and services to your customers. For high risk merchants this can be especially tough to find a processor that can provide you with all your processing needs, without having to compromise for higher rates or volume caps.

Advantages we offer for merchants seeking a high risk merchant account

  • Both onshore and offshore processing
  • Low rates
  • No volume caps- we don’t set limits on your processing volume!
  • International merchants accepted
  • 99% approval
  • Reach markets all over the world
  • Accept and fund in multiple currencies

Types of businesses we can accept for a high risk merchant account

  • Adult
  • Pharmaceutical
  • High volume
  • Travel
  • Credit Repair
  • Telemarketing

Those are just a few of the merchants we can place, although we pride ourselves in finding solutions for all types of merchants seeking a high risk account. We also offer merchants check solutions to help lower their credit card processing. We wouldn’t be a full service provider if we didn’t offer third party solutions. But despite popular belief a true merchant account will give you complete control, at a third of the cost even your most competitive third party processors can offer.

How to apply for a high risk merchant account

Simply fill in your contact info. or call our toll free number, a consultant will send your inquiry to all our banks and help you choose the right solution for your processing needs.

For the majority of our time we were an exclusive provider for some of the most trusted Banks, ISO’s, and Gateways in the world. Anyone who wanted to move an account off their books do to risk. Just recently have we opened our doors to the public and are proud to have some of the most reliable and low cost solutions being offered to businesses seeking a high risk merchant account. You can trust that we will continue to put the needs of our agents and merchants first and find custom fit processing on an individual basis.