Our offshore credit card processing solutions

Because we work with several banks that provide high risk offshore merchant accounts we designed a very simple and short application, which will allow a business to receive bids from multiple offshore and domestic banks.

This allows us to design a processing solution for your type of business. A merchant must first apply using our short pre-app and get an approval with a bank with rates and agreement. If necessary we will form an offshore corporation for your business.

What kind of advantages are there with a high risk offshore merchant account?

Better rates
Certain types of businesses are limited to their processing choices. Typical merchants find themselves in either a third party merchant account or moving to an offshore account if they can’t find a low risk bank to process with. An offshore account will provide you with better service and better rates than the alternatives..

More types of businesses accepted
With a 98% approval rate, and banks that will work with their merchants to help keep their account active. The way the economy is lately banks are even more stringent on what they approve, wich can leave some businesses fighting to keep their account active.

Unlimited processing volume
An offshore account offers unlimited processing volume. When a bank puts volume caps on your account that should be a sure sign of problems to come and can lead to future underlying issues. The last thing you would want is to have a good month and your bank won’t let you process half way through the month. Or worse if you continually exceed your monthly merchant account cap you are at risk of being terminated. That is why choosing the right payment processor for your high risk merchant account is as important as keeping your customers returning to your site or location.

Apply today
To get your approval process going, simply fill in your contact info. or call 800.794.2161. An experienced consultant will help you choose the right solution for your high risk account.

Adding ACH or Check 21 to your high risk offshore merchant account

Whether you are processing online, over the phone, or in a retail environment adding a check solution to your credit card processing account could substantially lower your monthly processing. Because we specialize in high risk offshore merchant accounts we have acquired check processing solutions that can cater to the high risk industry.

Advantages of Offshore Credit Card Processing