Travel merchant account

Are you having trouble finding a travel merchant account?

Are you currently processing and want to lower your rates or increase your volume?

We understand the needs travel businesses have. Just because the associations classify you as high risk, we understand each customer is different and no one business should determine the rates and service of others. Fill in your contact info below or give us a call at out toll free number. We will send your application to all the banks that we have strategically formed relationships with to offer our merchants the best rates and service for their travel merchant account.

Our banks are located all over the world including the U.S. for a travel merchant inside of the United States having a domestic bank comes with all of the same advantages of offshore credit card processing without having to pay high rates like most providers offer.

Advantages we offer our travel agents

  • Funding more frequently
  • Don't have to set up an offshore corporation
  • Low rates (5%-6.5%)
  • Clear online reporting
  • Integrate with our gateway at no charge

How to apply for a travel merchant account

Simply fill in your contact information or call our toll free number. We will send your inquery to all the banks we have strategically formed relationships with.

Travel merchant account

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