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Types of businesses accepted by High Risk Merchant Xpert

If you can't find your industry, don't worry we specialize in placing some of the hardest to place high risk businesses. High Risk Merchant Xpert will find a solution to custom fit your credit card processind needs.

900 Numbers Low Risk Int. Merchants Talent Agencies
Adult Membership Orginizations Telemarketing Services
Coded Gaming Morgage Brokers Tenant Screening Services
Cash Advances Multi-Level Marketing Ticket Sales
Charter/ Tour Service New Businesses Time Shares
Check Cashing Service Online Pharmacies Terminated Merchant File (TMF)
Collection Agencies Outbound Telemarketing Tours/ Charter Service
Credit Card Protection Services Pay Per Call Services Travel Clubs
Cruise Lines Prize Giveways Travel Agencies
Dating/ Escort Re Financiers Vacation Package Marketers
Employment Agencies Sports Forecasting Website Design
Hardware/ Software Sales or Service Psychic Services- Phone or Internet Wire Transfer Services
High Volume Merchant Account Stamp Stores  
Investor Clubs/ Investor Services Subscriptions (Yearly)  
Frustrated with your banks limitations contact High Risk Merchant Xpert today and let us show you our no hassle solutions.

High Risk ACH & Credit Card Processing

Acquiring a high risk credit card processing merchant account is a key factor for running most businesses. Especially if you are an Internet based business, processing credit cards will make up 95% of your payments. This makes finding a reliable bank one of the most important business decisions you will make.

You can trust that keeping your processing with a company who has spent over two decades building solid relationships with banks all over the world to handle your high risk credit card processing needs.

Because we work with multiple banks including banks that offer high risk credit card processing without having to go offshore. You have the option of offshore card processing, or we also offer high risk merchant accounts with offshore banks that have a presence in the U.S.

Advantages for merchants seeking high risk credit card processing:

How do I acquire a high risk credit card processing merchant account?

Simply fill in your contact info or call our toll free number, a consultant will discuss your processing needs. We will send your inquiry to all our high risk credit card processing banks. Within 48 hours you will be provided different bids from each bank that accepts your type of account.

Once you have a pre-approval a consultant will fill out your application for you and the underwriting process will begin. When accepted (once your MID is issued) you will be helped setting up your terminal, virtual terminal, or shopping cart. Pre-approvals do not require a credit check and there is no obligation.

Specializing in but not limited to:
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