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Visa MasterCard


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ABA Routing Number- A unique bank identifying number that directs electronic ACH deposits to the proper bank. This number proceeds the account number printed on the bottom of the check.

Account Number- A unique sequence of numbers assigned to a card holder account which identifies the issuer and type of financial transaction card.

ACH- Automated Clearing House for transferring settlement funds to merchants.

Approval Code- A code issued by a card issuing bank allowing a sale to be charged against a card holders account.

Acquirer- A bank that sponsors merchants for the acceptance of credit card transactions.

Associations- Visa and MasterCard

Authorization Code- The numeric or alpha numeric code sent by the card issuer, given to a sales transaction as verification that the sale has been authorized.

Average Ticket- The average dollar amount of merchant credit card transactions.

AVS- (Address Verification Service) A service that verifies the cardholders billing address in order to help combat fraud in "card not present" transactions.